The Harvey Game

The Harvey Game or 'Harvey' was created as an educational tool and homage to University of Wisconsin Stout’s historical Harvey Hall.  With over 40 students in 4 classes collaborating on the game, it was one of the largest collaborations in UW-Stout History.  

I was the environment team lead; consisting of 10 artists and 2 digital humanities students we were tasked with researching and recreating Harvey Hall as accurately as we could while keeping poly count low.  For the most part, the environment team was responsible for all of the hard surfaces in the game (environments, props, Harvey exterior, papers, posters)

I personally modeled and textured Harvey Hall Theater as well as helped harmonize the rooms that were each created by different artists.  I also did most of the set dressing throughout the game as well as helped our very small and over worked programming team implement dynamics and sound.

Harvey Dev Blog