I was presented with the opportunity to work with the University of Wisconsin-Stout Library Archives as a photogrammetry research assistant. Photogrammetry is the process of photographing an object thoroughly and importing the images into a computer as data points. These data points can then be interpolated into a 3D mesh. This was an incredible opportunity to learn more about UW-Stout’s history, visit interesting locations, and learn several new skills. Over the course of this project I photographed dozens of various artifacts from the UW-Stout Archives, The Wilson Place, and the Dunn County Historical Society.

Thank you Dr. Seth Berrier for teaching me these new skills.

Thank you Heather Stecklein for working to broaden history’s audience.



This is not a skill I mastered. The models often came out of Agisoft Photoscan with over 2 million polygons. Optimizing the models and textures using tools like Mesh Lab and Z Brush sounded great it theory. Look at some of the crazy textures below!